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Strawberry Garden Homestay

Lisa and I planned to stay in Hoi An for a total of four days and three nights, enough time to relax and enjoy everything the beach city has to offer. What made our stay in Hoi An beyond spectacular was the wonderful Strawberry Garden Homestay and the loving family who took care of us.

Lovely wooden table outside the homestay.

Upon arriving at the Strawberry Garden Homestay, which is located just one kilometer outside of Old Town, we were greeted by our host Ruby. Ruby welcomed us into the homestay, offering us home made tea and delectable local rice snacks. While we sat down and enjoyed the lovely treats in front of us, Ruby told us of all the and tours that her homestay offers as well as what is located nearby. The Strawberry Garden Homestay offers bikes for guests to take to explore the city free of charge. There is also an option for renting a motorbike for 140,000 Dong a day. Free breakfast every morning of your stay which includes a meal plus a drink. All homemade of course. If need be, they offer a laundry service for a nominal fee per kilo.

This dog was so awesome!

One of our biggest joys was playing with their incredibly friendly dog, who was always excited to see us every time we returned to the homestay. The way he crosses his paws when he lays down was almost to cute too handle. Everyday, Ruby would ask us how we were doing and if there was anything she could do to help make our stay better. Ruby made the Strawberry Garden Homestay feel like home for both my wife and I. We even debated staying another few nights due to how wonderful our stay there was! If you ever find yourself in Hoi An, do yourself a favor and spend your stay at the Strawberry Garden Homestay.