How to Apply for a Vietnam Visa

Before Your Flight

The Passport. The Traveler’s key to the world.

U.S. citizens traveling to Vietnam by air can apply for a Visa on arrival (VOA) with the acceptance of an approval letter. What’s an approval letter? An approval letter is a legitimate document issued from Vietnam Immigration that grants Visa applicants the ability to pick up their Visa on arrival at any of the international airports in Vietnam. The price for the approval letter starts at $8 and up depending on what site you use. Once approved, you will be sent the approval letter via email in 3 to 5 business days. The accepted approval letter includes your name as well as the name of 7 of applicants (Vietnam processes 8 applicants at a given time). When I bought my airline tickets I was actually given a promotional deal that included a free approval letter, so I recommend buying your flight ticket before applying for the approval letter.

When You Arrive in Vietnam

The coast of Vietnam.
Vietnam has 3,260 kilometers of beautiful coastline.

Once you land at any of the international airports you are directed to the Immigration Office where you will finish applying for your Visa. There you will fill out your Visa application form and wait in line to submit your forms. You will need your passport, passport photo, approval letter, and $25.00 USD for the stamp fee. Once you submit all that to the immigration official at the counter you can take a seat and wait for your name to be called. When your name is called you can pick up your passport that has your Vietnam Visa in it and be on your way!

Before Applying for Visa on Arrival Make Sure You Have:

  • A Passport with 6 months validity
  • A Passport picture 2x2in (you can take your passport at the Immigration Office at the airport for about 5.00 USD)
  • 25.00 USD to pay for the Visa Stamp Fee
  • A printed copy of your Approval Letter

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