Our Stay at the Hoa Phong Hotel

Hoa Phong Hotel

Our stay in Phong Nha National Park was nothing less than amazing thanks to the wonderful staff at the Hoa Phong Hotel. Lisa and I had planned to go to Phong Nha to see everything the beautiful national park had to offer and after searching Agoda.com for a while we found the lovely Hoa Phong Hotel. The Hoa Phong Hotel rested beneath limestone mountains that surround Phong Nha and 200m from the Song Con River. We had emailed the hotel prior to ask for a pickup at the Dong Hoi Railway Station as well as a room with a double bed with a mountain view. Being surrounded by beautiful limestone mountains we thought why not be able to view them from our room? The Hoa Phong Hotel was quick to respond to us and were delighted to adhere to our requests (seriously it took less than 5 minutes to get a reply from them!).

Mountain view from our window.

We booked three nights for a total of 885,600d ($39 USD) which included a room with a double bed overlooking a behemoth limestone mountain. Free breakfast and coffee was included in our stay which was available from 7:00-10:00 every morning. The hotel also offered guided tours to the many caves that are found in Phong Nha. We decided to do the Discovery Cave Tour which took us to the Botanical Gardens, Paradise Cave, and the Dark Cave. The hotel gave us ample information about the tour and told us their favorite things about it.

On our last day, the Hoa Phong Hotel helped us find a bus that would take us back to the Dong Hoi Railway Station and even offered to let us keep the room for free until our bus arrived (which was not until 17:00 that evening). The Hoa Phong went above and beyond to make sure Lisa and I had the best experience possible in Phong Nha. I’m definitely going to stay here again next time I find myself in Phong Nha.

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