Recommended Apps for Travel

A great app to help you find your way around is This app offers offline maps to help you navigate when wifi is not available. A life saver when you arrive in a new city and have to find your way to your hotel or hostel.

XE Currency

This app is a currency converter that also adds the ability to inform you on the current exchange rate. This app comes in handy when looking for the best exchange rate and when bargaining prices at markets.

Walking Street in Hoi An.
Walking Street in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Google Translate

Google’s translating app that can help you overcome language barriers in a pinch. It displays translation in audio and text format.


Skype allows its users to make free voice calls, video calls, and instant messages while in wifi. You can also get a Skype number which allows you to make phone calls to mobile and landline numbers. With Skype Credit you can add funds to your account and pay a flat rate of 2.3 cents per minute to any phone number around the world. Skype also has a three subscription plans including their World plan of unlimited mins for $13.99 per month that allows unlimited call time to over 63 different countries.
Skype is helpful when you need to contact a business while abroad and need a phone number to do so. With Skype there are no contracts to sign so when you are out of Skype Credit or your subscription ends you are done. Skype is available on all devices and platforms so there is no need to worry about compatibility issues.


A safe and secure messaging app that helps when trying to contact businesses. This app helped me a lot when I needed to contact a hotel for information.


AirBnB is a great way to find affordable homes to stay in while abroad. Once you have created an account you can start looking for cool and interesting places to stay during your travels. Safe and very easy to use.

Agoda helps you find affordable hotels to stay in and compares prices with other hotel apps. Perfect for those looking for the best deal on where to stay.

Kayak is a great app that can help you find the cheapest flights available and will alert you when there’s a promotional offer or a sales drop.


SeatGuru offers seat maps, seat reviews, and overall aircraft layouts for travelers who want to find the most comfortable flights. Recommended for travelers taking long international flights where the quality of seat definitely matters.

Google Photos

Everyone takes photos while abroad to showcase their adventures for family and friends back home. With Google Photos, travelers don’t have to worry about losing the photos with the automatic cloud storage option.


There will be times when you’re in transit for hours upon hours at a time and you’ll need something to help pass the time. For 9.99 USD a month, Netflix offers thousands of movies and tv shows available for download offline to help pass the time during the long hauls.

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